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Vehicle importers.

National Motors Corporation (NMC) P.L.C.

About National Motors Corporation (NMC)

NMC was founded in 1993 with a paid up capital of Ten Million Birr, National Motors Corporation is one of the modern private organizations which is engaged in the Import and sales of light & heavy duty Trucks, Pick-ups, Buses, Four Wheel Utility Vehicles, and Automobiles.

NMC is an authorized agent for Chevrolet, Opel, Isuzu and Renault Trucks and it represents the following renowned industries of automotive manufacturers, covering America, Europe and Asia….

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Equatorial Business Group P.L.C.

EBG is a diversified business entity. EBG today holds exclusive dealership and distribution rights for prominent and renowned manufacturers such as Volvo bus, cars, construction equipment and trucks. Mazda vehicles, Cummins Generator sets, Otis elevators

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Nyala Motors S.C

Organizational Profile

Nyala Motors Share Company was established in April 1973 in line with the commercial code of Ethiopia.

It can be said that Nyala Motors Share Company has been one of the front runners in the development of the private sector in Ethiopia in the last 40 years. The continued expansion of the company has become a trendsetter to others in laying a firm foundation for the success and expansion of corporate development.

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Ethio-Nippon Technical Company S.CO.

About Ethio-Nippon Technical Company S.CO.

Ethio-Nippon Technical Company S.CO.  is one of the Pioneer Automotive Distributors in Ethiopia. It is owned by five shareholders, one Ethiopian and four foreign nationals.

The Company was established in May 1969 as distributor of Mazda and Isuzu trucks. It has extended its services to accommodate local needs in small to large size automobiles, heavy duty trucks, Construction and Agricultural Machineries, Power Generators and Medium to large sized buses.

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GAKY Engineering and Automotive P.L.C.

About GAKY Engineering and Automotive P.L.C.

GAKY Engineering and Automotive P.L.C is one of the subsidiary companies of GONAFER HOLDINGS, a trading company established in 1926 and is currently known as one of the oldest and leading firms in Ethiopia. GAKY had been established in 1991 as an autonomous company to handle the expanding machinery and equipment trading business of GONAFER HOLDINGS.

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        1. Building / Construction Materials

        2. Construction Machineries / Equipments

        4. New Vehicles

        5. Motorcycles & Parts /3 Wheel Vehicles

        6. Household /Office Furniture & Other Utilities


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1.     Used Vehicles

2.     Household / Office Furniture & Other Utilities

3.     Building / Construction Materials

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ADEB Engineering & Trading P.L.C.



ADEB ENGINEERING & TRADING P.L.C. is led by an ambitious and engineering industry-led management team involved in the day-to-day activities focusing on world brand products around the globe. The management is dedicated to quality goods & services.

Current Managing Director: Nigiru Mulualem Kidanu

Vision: - We shall work very aggressively and efficiently to be one of the biggest engineering company in the country.

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Belayab Enterprises P.L.C.

About Belayab Enterprises P.L.C.


Belayab aspires to be a pre-eminent high quality and branded motor driven machineries’ and parts manufacturer in the eastern part of Africa

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Automotive Manufacturing Company of Ethiopia (AMCE)


Back in 1930, the Italian car manufacturing company, FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino) introduced in Ethiopia truck model 621 and 634 which gradually gained popularity in the country.

Apparently, encouraged by the promising result from the venture, FIAT decided to open an assembly plant in Ethiopia in collaboration with the Ethiopian Government.

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