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Vehicle importers.

Tamrin International Trading P.L.C

Tamrin International Trading PLC has been operational for several years now in the field of import-export trading, dry cargo transport, ware-housing and similar high-level trading activities in the country. Ethiopia is investing billions of dollars every year in infrastructure developments of all economic sectors ranging from agriculture to hydro electric power and from telecommunications to education and other social sectors.

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Gift Trading P.L.C

Gift Trading Plc. is a dynamic and fast growing business enterprise mainly engaged in; Import & Wholesale distribution, Export, Commission Agent, Real Estate development, Construction and Manufacturing.


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iZONE Trading Company

iZONE Trading Company

A partner from a rising land.

Is a multipurpose company that:

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Z.T General Trading


Is a multipurpose private owned company who is currently managed by Mr. Zeleke Tsehay.

It has intercepted the bussiness sector in:



Rendering Service:

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Hagbes P. L. C is a privately owned Company located in Ethiopia, which was established 58 years ago by 25 Members, engaged in importation and distribution of heavy construction Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Water treatment plants, Atlas Copco, Daewoo Heavy Machinery and Daewoo Commercial Vehicle, for more information please looks the attachment. 


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Great Land motor engineering PLC

GREATLAND MOTORS & ENGINEERING PLC :-As an import-export transaction plc, was conceived first in the mind of renowned Engineers, and has been rendering its best services to all construction parties in the country. it is, therefore the result of many years heart felt dreams to reach the needs those construction companies in making the machinery near at their one-stretch. for this reason, and others, GME always aspires to take the part and seize all opportunities.

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Gambrea Trading P.L.C

About Gambrea Trading P. L. C

Established in 2009, Gambrea Trading is a Private Limited Company.  Our mission is to supply our customers and clients with the highest quality products and professional services that are demanded in the local and international markets. With our ever expanding services and products, Gambrea Trading is one of the fastest growing import and export companies in Ethiopia.

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Adika Automotive Trading

About Adika Automotive Trading

ADIKA is a pioneer and a leading private company in car rental business in Ethiopia and manages more than 450 vehicles under its fleet cover.

The company has diversified the activities in the area of tour, airline ticket sales, guesthouse construction and rental, hotel and lodge development, transport and logistics, communications and events, and importation of vehicles, construction machinery and equipment, bitumen, pet cock, clinker and other industrial use products as deemed necessary.

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SAZ General Trading P.L.C

Sector of Business:

  • Construction
  • Import: machineries, trucks
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T.K.M Construction Machinery Rental P.L.C

Sector of Business:

  • Construction: Machinery rental,consulting
  • Import: Trucks
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