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Material importers.


TSD ENGINEERING PLC is a service giving organization in Ethiopia in the fields of electromechanical, electronics, communication engineering, medical and security system.


The fundamental objective of the company is to be locally and internationally recognized as service giving organization in the field of electromechanical, electronics, communication engineering and security system and become leading partner to our clients in their developments.

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Cawter Office Materials & Accessories Supplier P.L.C

Cawter Office Materials & Accessories Supplier is a supplier of office furniture, computers, computer accessories, electronics and stationary materials for different business companies and other organizations in Ethiopia.

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Unique Plastic Industry P.L.C

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Tefeseha P.L.C

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Afro Chemical and Steel P.L.C

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Minaye P.L.C

MINAYE PLC is a group of companies engaged in the supply of office and household furniture, import, retail and distribution of Food stuff and Cleaning Materials (Supermarket items), photo copy services, manufacturing of carton boxes, flexible packaging and other forms of packaging, printing service and in the agricultural sector by growing and export flowers (Roses) in Ethiopia.

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Alta Aluminium Works P.L.C


Alta Aluminium Works is an Ethiopian Company engaged in Aluminium Works such as supplying and installing Aluminium curtain wall, Aluminium windows and doors, Aluminium skylight, ceiling, partition, windows and doors.

We give one year retention period guarantee for all our services and we work closely with our clients, their designers and consultants so as to work as per the interest of the clients.

Alta Aluminium is one of the sister companies of ALFA Glazing. We were established in 1998 and have 12 years of experience.


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Comet Aluminum & Glass Work P.L.C


Comet Aluminum is providing now a full solution to aluminum installation and related works; such as Aluminum Window and Doors Curtain Walls Clidding Walls Hand and Guard Rails Sound Proofs Domes and Sky Lights and so much more... this all itemes served for your building with full Quality and attractive price.

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Rohoboth Aluminum Work P.L.C


Rohoboth Aluminum Work is involved in different kinds of Aluminum works in Ethiopia.

Using a modern workshop we make and install the following aluminum works.

  • Doors and windows
  • Curtain wall
  • Hand rail
  • Clading
  • Partition and others


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