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Haverim Construction G.C.

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HAVERIM CONSTRUCTION G.C. is one of firms in the country with good capacity across the spectrum of building construction works, including design and construction management support.

The company has engaged in different types of building construction works within short time which helps the company to realize what really its target and vision should be with respect to the overall construction industry‘s movement. So we, the company’s committed employee, believe that our company is engineering driven and it deeply and strongly considers that the best way for cost efficient, best quality and finished on time construction project is about three key points.

  •   Client’s interest ( meeting contract agreement specification)
  •  Qualified and trust worthy staffs that consider and treat the company as a proprietor. (owning spirited management oriented experienced professional staffs)
  •  Delivering the right resources at the right time for the right particular task.

The above mentioned three points are very important for a project to be successful with respect to quality, time and cost effectiveness. For a client’s interest (spec description) to be met, qualified personnel (owning spirited knowledgeable management oriented employee) using all the right resources to the right particular work at the right time is very mandatory if the project we are handling is to be impeccable. So our company believes that trust worthy and experienced professional employees play a major role in meeting project’s target and purpose and the company believes that it is not difficult to deliver resources to site and find experienced and knowledgeable staff accordingly if the right salary is provided but trust worthy, diligent and owning spirited staffs is not that easy to find. In our few four years experience we understand that if the company provide staffs with the right sort of treatment and salary with occasional lucrative incentive based on their work quality and progress, it is much easier to sort of create a talented and trust worthy staffs who could treat their project as their own and work diligently, do everything possible and even impossible!,  to make the project profitable and impeccable.

Here are our mission, vision and values


  •   HAVERIM CONSTRUCTION G.C. is committed to building a long term relationship based on integrity, good performance, and value and client satisfaction!


  • To become recognized leader in construction industry and be a better choice for clients.


  •  Develop and maintain an effective and efficient systematic operation.
  • Be responsible to employee demands and help its employees grow with the company and make them potential productive contributors.
  • Acquire, maintain and retain the best human and physical resources to ensure high quality services
  • Create a staff that is diverse, versatile, well trained, trustworthy, and enthusiastic and team oriented!!!
Main Branch
Haya Hulet Yeka Sub-city, Kebele 13/14, Around 22 Mazoria on H & M Building, on 5th floor, Room No 501/502
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0116-630111
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