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Gift Construction P.L.C

Area of work
• Contractor
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Gift Construction PLC is the latest addition to the GIFT Group Companies, which envisages engaging in the construction activity of the company’s Real Estate development as well as rendering its service to other companies and institutions including the government projects.

Product Supply Origin

Gift Construction Plc. is a construction company established in 2009 G.C as a construction company and engaged in construction works. It is fully facilitated and equipped with adequate man power and equipment to contribute its purpose for the construction economy of the section it enrolled.


  • To stay competitive is the construction industry and attain a label of dominance by the customer and the public at large for its standard quality is construction works through applying modern technology whereby time and cost  are saved and consequent profitability gained .


  • Executing construction works by prioritizing Quality and saving time and cost so that all stakeholders be benefiting out of the result.

Focus area        

  • To be a dynamic construction company that will continuously find and develop opportunity for profitable growth in any kind of constriction Exertion that are leaders is quality cost and customer satisfaction respectively.

Future Ambition

  • The company has a vision to be a great internationally re known leading construction company is Ethiopian as well as east Africa.
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