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General Winget Technical & Vocational Training College

Area of work

Year of Establishment

It was established in 1938 E.C.


The Collage would aspire and work with determination, commitment & knowledge to make the collage be one of the famous & successful education & training institutions which are known in the world, and to fulfill the interest of the society & industry with trained human resources; to see a collage which is attractive & comfortable for its employees & customers.


The Collage would like to provide qualified citizens & suitable technology to the market by giving product oriented training with the collaboration of the city administration, industry and stakeholders.


-    Transparency

-    Fairness

-    Accountability

-    Job creation

-    Providing a better service

-    Working by trust & knowledge

-    Serving for public benefit

-    Making that quality is our primary deed


Kolfe-Keraniyo Sub-city
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 112 79 93 18
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