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Flintstone Engineering

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Flintstone Engineering

Flintstone Engineering was established in October 1991, as a small construction firm in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. To day, our firm is among the top most market players in the country’s construction industry, generating high revenue in building, water, and real estate.

Over the two decades of its growth, the firm has focused its strategy on the development of a robust organizational system by:

  • Retaining and developing a highly professional management team.
  • Training and motivating staff, from craftsmen to the senior engineers, to achieve and maintain high standards.
  • Seeking counsel and conducting selected research to assist in strategic planning.
  • And continuously improving on a quality management system of which we were proud to be ISO-9001:2000 certified.

A home is the most valuable asset for all of us. The safety and future of our family depend on it. For most of us it embodies achievements and aspirations.  And anyone who plans to buy a home from a developer deserves to know who they are buying from. That is why we feel so obliged to tell you about Flintstone, one of the most trustworthy and professional developers in Ethiopia. Flintstone homes is a real estate business launched in 2008 by Flintstone Engineering, a construction firm founded in 1991. This Ethiopian year, Flintstone will celebrate its 20th Anniversary with the inauguration of its maiden real estate project, .

Flintstone, Twin crossings which features 40 villas, 60 town houses and 450 condominiums.When completed in April 2012, these homes will be the first in the history of Addis real estate market to have been delivered on time.

Condos T-Type 

The condos appeal to people acquainted with the apartment lifestyle yet were discontented from architectural inadequacies and the long waiting list of publicly subsidized alternatives.

One bed room Areas = 49m2

Dining & Living Room, bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen

Two bed rooms Areas = 63m2

 Dining & Living Room, Balcony,

 2 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen

Three bed rooms Areas = 80m2

 Dining & Living Room, Master Bedroom, with Bathroom             

2nd & 3rd Bedroom with common, Bathroom, kitchen

Apartment T-type


Apartment M1 Details


Town House 

Townhouses feature huge improvements to those built during the mid-eighties to the mid-nineties, and meet the needs of the metropolitan family of the millennium. these give the buyer the option of an individual, self-contained home at a third of the price of a detached Villa.

townhouse details Town House

Villa 250 T-type

Our villas are beautiful in a minimalist tone, offer spectacular views and all are low priced and economically habitable. 
Villa 250m
Area: 250m2
Ground Floor: m2
first floor: m2
Total Built up: 173.82m2
Price/floor (Round): BR. 1,995,000
Price with 70% Progress: Br. 2,593,500
Villa 250M
Villa 250M
First Floor Ground floor
Master bedroom Dining/Living room
Master bathroom Modern Kitchen
Dressing Room Bathroom
2 bedrooms with common bathroom Office






First & Ground Floor plan


Villa 600M Villa 600T
Area : 600m2 Area : 600m2
Basement Parking : 31.37m2
Ground Floor : m2 Basemement : 79.86m2
First Floor  Ground Floor : 95.40m2
Net First Floor First Floor : 103.65m2
Total Built up : 293.31m2 Open down : 15.97m2
Price : Br.1,895,000 Net first floor : 87.58m2
Total Built up : 293.31m2
Price : Br.3,435,000 with 70% Progress = Br.3,705,000

Commiunal facilities

* Available facilities          * Shops and cafes
* Community Paved road  * Libraries
* park and play ground      * Community Hall
* Sport center
A) Communal Managed: Roads are supported on flexible base covered in cobblestone wearing coat ; Water supply/ mains is from a non-interrupted eastern municipality mains, reduced to functional pressure and distributed through meters to home reservoirs in fiber glass. Electricity supplied from compact sub and distributed through underground laid cables, complete with selected flood light spots and street lights; Sewage and Septic tanks, sewage transported via PVC sewers and treated in septic tanks of adequate volume and soak away pits which filters the liquid waste in order to avoid contamination of ground water…telephone underground laid with over ground junction boxes of lines; Multipurpose Hall sculpture building designed by an artist to be used for event planning and regular entertainment,
B) Commercial Managed: The commercial space for sports gym, day care center, shops, library and IT centers will be located under each of the street side condo blocks

Payment term

In marketing we aim to attain zero buyer's remorse. A properly informed buyer, by a sales person who has a deep understanding of the customer needs, rarely regrets the decision to buy. At Flintstone, buyers are given sufficient time to think about our iffers and compare options available in the market. by blocking 10% of the sale price in their bank account, they can reserve their choice home and survey other options, without committing any money at all. in the rare cases a buyer changes her/his mind, the blocked amount is released immediately. Sales performance is measured in a way that encourages agents to develop lasting customer relationships. Flintstone sales agents are paid not only to sell contracts but also to ensure homes are delivered. Representing their customers, our sales agents are empowered to enforce positive responses by site management with customer payment used as leverage. Flintstone homes also help buyers establish home owners' association believing an organized homepwners community will ensure customer satisfaction. the Twin crossing homeowners Association, established in July, 2011 is a proud example.

House Type Area G/1st Floor 2ND Floor 3rd floor 4th floor
Apt Studio 59.34m2 620,000 birr 610,000 birr (sold out) 600,000birr 590,000 birr
Apt Studio 61.11m2 640,000 birr 630,000 birr (Sold out) 620,000 birr 610,000 birr
Apt Studio 87.70m2 905,000 birr 895,000 birr (Sold out) 885,000 birr(sold out)

875,000 birr s.o

Apt M1 1bedroom 46.60m2 495,000 birr 485,000 birr (sold out) 475,000 birr(sold out) 465,000 birr s.o
Apt M1 2 bedroom 58.26m2 610,000 birr (sold out) 600,000 birr (sold out 590,000 birr(sold out) 580,000 birr s.o
Apt M1 2 bedroom 65.65m2 685,000 birr (sold out) 675,000 birr (sold out) 665,000 birr (sold out) 655,000 birr s.o
Apt M1 3 bedroom 89.42m2 920,000 birr (sold out) 910,000 birr (Sold out0 900,000 birr (sold out) 890,000 birr s.o
Apt M1 3 bedroom 103.28m2 1,060,000 BR (sold out) 1,050,000 BR(sold out) 1,040,000 BR (sold out) 1,030,000 BR s.o

Payment Schedule OASIS

Mlestones Percentage Months
Advance 50 % 0
At completion of roof 20 % 3
At completion of doors & windows 15 % 6
At occupation 10 % 12
At submission of documents necessary for transfer of title deed 5 % 13

    Flintstone shops

Flintstone shops, Lideta Mercato small shops complx with three basement levels below ground level, the8 storey complex features a six-level shopping mall and cinemas at level 7 each floor interconnected by solar-driven escalators, panoramic elevator and service elevator. Solar panel, self-ventilated, and other facilities.


Lideta-exterior Lideta mercato

Shops: Price List                All Prices Include VAT               

Area Price
8m2 Br. 395,000
10m2 Br.495,000
14m2 Br.595,000
17m2 Br.695,000

Shops: Payment terms

Milestones Percentage Months
Advanve 30 % 0
At Completion of foundation 20 % 3
At Completion of 4th floor slab 15 % 6
At completion of 8th floor slab 20 % 9
At Occupation 10 % 12
At submission of documents necessary for transfer of title deed 5 % 13

Addis 2015 Cooperative Neighbourhood On December 2012, as a Platinum sponsor of the Ethiopian Cities Week celebrated in Mekele, Flintstone presented Addis 2015: Co operative Neighborhoods, a concept we plan to implement in the near future in collaboration with dwellers’ associations, local administrative councils and construction operatives. The idea is to develop whole neighborhoods in three stages, from commercial buildings to community centers and finally to residential blocks. The main challenges we are setting out to overcome are: bringing down home prices to within Birr 100 to 300 thousands (US$ 5,500 to 16,500) and stakeholders’ coalition. An audio visual presentation by the CEO of Flintstone summarizes the concept. ADDIS 2015 COOPORATIVE NEIGHBOURHOODS (አዲስ 2015 ፡ የህብረትስራመንደር) Initiated by the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building & Construction, AAU and Flintstone homes, the plan is to develop whole neighborhoods of low income communities in a commercially viable way. Government housing strategy is framed on four pillars: Government housing (mainly condominiums), Cooperative housing, Individual builders on leasehold, commercial real estate developers. Addis 2015 is a combination of the last three method Two key challenges are anticipated: Bringing together stakeholders Reducing home prices to within Br 100 to 300 thousand. Competition, research & development and good marketing are expected to take the price down. Stakeholder unity is induced by hope and legislation. We believe initiating dialogue on the challenges will lead us all to an overcoming solution.

Flintstone Manufacturing

Adjacent to the new Gotera Interchange, the final design of a manufacturing building that will house small and micro manufacturing enterprises is being completed and registration is on for those who want to purchase the product. This building will be the first of its kind, in the Addis cityscape.It will provide small business owners an unprecedented opportunity to buy a turnkey manufacturing shop, ranging from 12 to 30 square meters in size. The shops will be stratified into four basic levels for different small scale industries, namely: Apparel, Footwear, Leather and Commercial printing, along with Common facilities. 
In addition ample space for parking, loading unloading at lower levels, also serving as Sunday markets on weekends, will be provided. The top most floors will be for pool offices. All shops will have their respective machinery supplied by Flintstone and owners will only need to show up with their entrepreneurial and industrial skill to run their business. The building will be marketed under the name of Flintstone Manufacturing.


                    Dessie vocational School
Head Office
Ethio China St/Wello Sefer to Wengelawit road Kirkos Sub-City Kebele 04 Ambassel Building
559 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 114 66 72 13
Fax: +251-114-16 89 78
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