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Ethiopian Fire and Security P.L.C. (EFSEC)

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Ethiopian Fire and Security P.L.C services.



Ethiopian Fire and Security PLC (EFSEC) is a local private Company registered under the laws of Ethiopia (Registration No/GM/10/3122/91) in September 1999 to carry out all types of fire prevention, safety and security specialized systems installations. The Company provides a wide range of professional service including consultancy, design, and supply of equipments, installation, commissioning, and maintenance and training of clients in connection with fire prevention, safety and security specialized systems. The services provided by the company, inter alia, include:

  • Access Control & Security locks
  • Audio and Video Door entry Systems
  • Burglar Alarm Systems (IDS)
  • CCTV & IP Surveillance (Network Camera) System
  • Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Public Address, Voice Evacuation and Conference Systems
  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (HOCHIKI)
  • Fire Fighting System, Kitchen Suppression & Sprinkler System
  • Fire hose reels, Cabinets and Hydrants
  • Fire Pumps, Fire Fighting Vehicles
  • Gate Automation (Sliding, Swinging and Garage Gates)
  • Traffic Barrier / Tyre killer & Bollard (mechanical/ electromechanical)
  • Perimeter Security Systems (Electric Fence, Razor Wire, Razor Stripe)
  • Metal Detectors (Hand Held, Walk through), Vehicle Inspection Mirror
  • Safety Products, (PPE, Safety and Traffic Signs)
  • Radio Communication (Icom Products)


The head office is located at the second floor of Nazareth BLDG. 22 Mazoria area, and our showroom is also on the ground floor of the same BLDG. Our company is operating with sixty permanent technical and administrative employees.

We supply high quality products representing some of the leading manufacturers in the world and enjoy the privileges of their support in system design, installation, testing, and commissioning.

Basically, we are committed to higher standards of performance and meet customer’s requirement in full through a comprehensive range of high quality products and excellent services.


Even if our company EFSEC Plc. is young we have aggressively participated in big projects and are known by our positive truck record after the successful completion of major awarded projects. (Please see attached Reference List)

We are very proud of the completed major achievements in overcoming the challenges we encountered during our involvement in such projects and this fact is well substantiated by certificates and commendation letters that we are awarded in the past.


We provide a comprehensive range of services including consultancy, supply of equipments, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Customers training on Fire prevention, Safety, Health and Security system.

We supply the following products:-


  • Control Equipment
  • Different type of sensors /detectors and manual activators
  • Different type of signaling (audio or visual) Equipment
  • Fire Alarm control & repeater panel
  • Alarm Panels
  • Pillar Type Fire Hydrants C/W all accessories


  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Cabinets complete with Fire Hose
  • Fire Fighting Trucks with their respective controls
  • Fire pumps
  • Fire Fighters Suit


Products that provide the best in personal safety

  • Head Protection Equipment
  • Eye Protection Equipment
  • Hearing Protection Equipment
  • Respiratory Protection Equipment
  • Body Protection Equipment
  • Hand Protection Equipment


  • IP Surveillance & CCTV System

  • Video and audio door phones

  • Security locks

  • Gate automation system

  • Perimeter security systems

  • Electric security fence

  • Intruder alarm system complete with detection and alarming devices.


  • Walk-through Metal Detector
  • Hand Held Metal Detector
  • X-ray screening


  • Access control systems, PC based or standalone
  • Library Control System


  • VHF
  • UHF
  • HF





1.1 African Union Fire Fighting Equipment
1.2 Almeda Textile S.C Fire fighting wears
1.3 BGI Ethiopia Fire Fighting Equipments
1.4 Canadian Embassy Services Contract for Fire Fighting Equipment
1.5 China Embassy Fire Fighting Equipment
1.6 City Government of Addis Ababa (Fire and Emergency Service) Fire Fighting Wears

1.7 Dembel City Center Fire Extinguishers
1.8 Ethiopian Air Lines Fire Fighting Equipment
1.9 Ethiopian Road Authority Fire Fighting Equipment
1.10 Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation Fire Fighting Equipments
1.11 Hotels Fire Fighting System
1.12 House of People’s Representative Fire Fighting System
1.13 Israel Embassy Equipment Supply & Maintenance of Fire Fighting
1.14 Lalibela Engineering Fire Hoses and Fire Hose Cabinets
1.15 Metehara Sugar Factory Fire Fighting Equipment
1.16 Ministry of National Defense (Ethiopian Air force) Fire Fighting Suit
1.17 MIDROC Pharmacure Fire Hoses and cabinets
1.18 MIDROC OAU Fire Hoses and Cabinets
1.19 MIDROC Sheraton Project Service for Fire Fighting Equipment
1.20 Mobil Oil Fire Fighting Equipment
1.21 Netherlands Embassy Fire Fighting Equipment and Training of staff
1.22 SATCON Construction PLC Fire Extinguishers Equipment
1.23 Switzerland Embassy Fire Fighting Equipment & Services
1.24 Shell Ethiopia Ltd. Mechanical Security Fire Alarm System and Service for Fire Fighting Equipment
1.25 SABA Engineering Fire Fighting Equipment.
1.26 Sweden Embassy Fire Fighting Equipment and Training of Staff
1.27 World Food Program Service Contract for Fire Fighting Equipment.
1.28 Wabi Shebelle Hotel Fire Fighting Equipment and Service Contract
1.29 Ethiopian Air Force Fire Fighting Equipment and Service Contract
1.30 Total Ethiopia Fire Fighting Equipment and Service Contract
1.31 Ethiopian Cutting Fire Fighting Equipment and Service Contract
1.32 Lafto Roses Plc Fire Fighting Equipment and Service Contract
1.33 Flora Rose Fire Fighting Equipment and Service Contract

1.34 Nova Star Garment Fire Fighting Equipment and Service Contract
1.35 Dot Pencil Fire Fighting Equipment and Service Contract
1.36 Metal Crown Fire Fighting Equipment and Service Contract
1.37 Oxford Plastic Factory Fire Hose with Cabinet and Security Fence
1.38 Mojo Tannery Fire Fighting Equipment and Service Contract



2.1 Adama Textile Factory

2.2 BGI Ethiopia

2.3 Lexus Addis Hotel

2.4 MIDROC Pharmacure


2.6 New African Union

2.7 Oromia Conference Room

2.8 Modjo Chicken Poultry production Center



3.1 Abesha Restaurant

3.2 Adama Mekonne Hotel

3.3 African Lakes

3.4 Bingham Acadamy

3.5 BGI Ethiopia (Zeway Winery, Combolcha, Addis Ababa main Brewery Factory)

3.6 Burayo Carton Box Factory

3.7 Canada Embassy

3.8 Dashen Plastic Factory

3.9 Desalegn Hotel

3.10 Ethelco

3.11 Ethiopian Crown Cork Factory

3.12 Exhibition Center

3.13 Fafa Food Share Company

3.14 First Endo Ethiopia

3.15 GET-AS international Trading

3.16 GET YAN

3.17 Kadisco Chemical Industry

3.18 Maru Metal Industry

3.19 National Oil Company

3.20 Nas Food Factory

3.21 Netherland Embassy

3.22 Oryx International Plc.

3.23 Poly Tech PP. woven Factory

3.24 Queen of Sheba Hotel

3.25 Rift Valle Hotel

3.26 Saba Engineering

3.27 Save the Children (USA)

3.28 Selam Technical & Vocation Center

3.29 Shell Ethiopia

3.30 SOS

3.31 Sweden Embassy

3.32 Tana Plastic Factories

3.33 Thermo Plastic Factories

3.34 Total Ethiopia

3.35 Tsegeshit Hotel

3.36 Universal Plastic Factory

3.37 Zenite Gebese Eshet Factory

3.38 Zemil Painting factory

3.39 ETV
3.40 Nyota Mining Industry



4.1 Algerian Embassy

4.2 Awash International Bank & Insurance

4.3 Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

4.4 Dag Trading (Hotel project)

4.5 Dashen bank (Woldia)

4.6 Tana Dashen bank

4.7 Debre Damo Hotel

4.8 DH Geda Blanket factories

4.9 EEPCO (Awassa)

4.10 ENTRO (Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office)

4.11 Ethio Parent School

4.12 Gollagol Trading Plc.

4.13 Haile Resort, Hawasa

4.14 Harmony Hotel

4.15 Holeta research center

4.16 International Community School (ICS)

4.17 Israel Embassy

4.18 JICA

4.19 Mobil Oil East Africa LTD

4.20 Moenco

4.21 National Museum

4.22 National Tobacco S.C

4.23 Oromia Presidential office Complex, Adama

4.24 Oromia TV & Radio Station, Adama

4.25 Rama Construction

4.26 Shell Ethiopia LTD


5.1 Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, server room

5.2 Haile Resort, Hawasa

5.3 National bank of Ethiopia

5.4 United Bank

5.5 WAVETEC FZCO (Chelelek Building & Rebecca Building)


6.1 AU Perimeter security
6.2 Brothers Flour& Biscuit Factory (Nazareth) Premises Security
6.3 China Embassy Electric fence
6.4 Commercial Bank of Ethiopia New Gofa Branch Access control system for strong room Intruder alarm system for strong room
6.5 Different individual residence Security Fence
6.5 Eyasu drug Store Electric Fence
6.6 Federal Police and Prison Administration Bureau Handcuffs
6.7 German Embassy Security Fence
6.8 Haile & Alem International Electric Fence
6.9 International Community School (ICS) Security Fence
6.10 International Risk Committee Security Alarm System
6.11 Mobil Oil Security Fence
6.12 Turkish Embassy Perimeter security fence
6.13 UNMEE Access Control
6.14 USA Embassy Security and Special Lights System.
6.15 World Food Program detection Premises Security System & Intruder System


7.1 Addis Ababa University

7.2 Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (Goffa Branch)

7.3 Canada Embassy Ambassador res. & different staffs residence.

7.4 Different Individual residences


7.6 Ethiopian Airlines

7.7 International rescue committee (IRC)

7.8 National Museum (5 Kilo)

7.9 Royal Netherlands Embassy & different staffs residence.

7.10 Republic of Korean Embassy

7.11 Republic of Korean Embassy Chancery

7.12 Saba Engineering

7.13 Turkish Embassy

7.14 Total Document Store

7.15 World Food Program

7.16 Delegation of European Union (ECHO)

7.17 Delegation of European Union to the African Union


8.1 Adama Vehicle Factory (Belayab Enterprise)

8.2 African Union

8.3 Black Lion Hospital

8.4 Brothers Flour & Biscuit Factory (Nazareth)

8.5 Canada Embassy

8.6 China Embassy

8.7 East African Holdings

8.8 Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation, Central Microwave, Bole transit & Multimedia

8.9 Eyasu Drug Store

8.10 Haile & Alem International (Athlete Haile Residence)

8.11 Hager Fikir Theater

8.12 International Community School (ICS)

8.13 Italian Cultural Institute

8.14 Italian Embassy

8.15 JICA

8.17 National Museum

8.18 Netherlands Embassy

8.19 Omer & Awad Boabed plc.

8.20 Oromia Presidential office Complex, Adama

8.21 Republic of Korean Embassy

8.22 SABA Engineering

8.23 Sweden Embassy

8.24 Turkish Embassy

8.25 Awasa Dashen Bank

8.26 Anti Corruption Commission

8.27 President Palace

8.28 Dashen bank (Woldia, Hawasa, Jimma & Adama)

8.29 Haile Resort, Hawasa

8.30 Wegagen Bank

8.31 World Food Program

8.32 Dag Trading (Hotel Project)

8.33 Dashen Bank, Addis Ababa

8.34 UAE Embassy


9.1 African Union

9.2 Commercial bank of Ethiopia

9.3 Dashen Bank

9.4 Different individuals

9.5 Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation Mobile Center, Central Microwave, Bole transit & Multimedia

9.6 Ireland Embassy

9.7 Mobil oil East Africa

9.8 Shell Ethiopia Ltd.


9.10 WFP


10.1 World Food Program

10.3 CISA

10.4 Different Embassies

10.5 Different individuals


11.1 Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (cone type traffic sign)

11.2 Almeda Textile S.C

11.3 Adami Tulu

11.4 BGI Ethiopia

11.5 Bale Agricultural Development Enterprise

11.6 Ethiopian Road Authority

11.7 Ethiopian Geological Survey

11.8 Ethiopian Air Lines

11.9 Middle Awash Agricultural Enterprise

11.10 Mobil Oil

11.11 Omer & Awad Boabed plc.

11.12 Saba Engineering Plc.

11.13 TOTAL Ethiopian

11.14 Upper Awash Agricultural Enterprise

11.15 Shell Ethiopia

11.16 Hormat Engineering

11.17 MFM

11.18 Reis Engineering

11.19 Kospi

11.20 Sheraton Addis

11.21 Safecon Electro Mechanical Works Plc.

11.22 Ethiopian Tannery

11.23 Awash Melkasa Aluminum Selphate

11.24 Midroc Construction


12.1 Anbassa city Bus Service Enterprise

12.2 Bekele Berhane Marble and Granite Factory

12.3 Bhair-Dar University

12.4 Bingham Academy


12.6 Ethiopian Mineral Development Enterprise

12.7 Ethiopian Tannery S.C.

12.8 Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Health

12.9 Haile & Alem International

12.10 Hyuna Agro Enterprise

12.11 Middle Awash Agricultural Development Enterprise

12.12 Mega Printing Enterprise

12.13 Nazareth Collage of Technical Teacher Education

12.14 Shell Ethiopia LTD

12.15 Safecon Electro Mechanical Works Plc.


13.1 ABB-MIDROC Bahir Dar Project

13.2 OAU Construction of the conflict management center Office (Install Conference and Public Address System)

13.3 Oromia Presidential office Complex, Adama

13.4 T/Birhan Ambaye Construction Woreta Agricultural University

13.5 TOTAL Ethiopia Head Office

13.6 Woldia Dashen Bank

13.7 Rama Construction

  1. Gate Automation & Traffic Barrier

14.1 Almeta Impex Automatic Gate
14.2 AU (Africa Union) Traffic Barrier
14.3 Commercial Counselor's Office & China Embassy Automatic Gate

14.4 Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation Automatic Gate

14.5 Residential buildings Automatic Gate

14.6 Ropac International Automatic Gate
14.7 UNMEE Traffic Barrier
14.8 Commercial Bank Traffic Barrier
14.9 ICRC Traffic Barrier

  1. Metal Detectors and Under Vehicle Inspection

15.1 A.A. City Administration Hand Held Metal Detector

15.2 B.G.I. Ethiopia Hand Held Metal Detector

15.3 Dashen Bank Hand Held Metal Detector

15.4 Different Government Institute Hand Held Metal Detector

15.5 Ethiopian Airlines Hand Held Metal Detector

15.6 Ethiopian Telecommunication Garrett Walk-through Metal Detector & Hand Corporation Held Metal Detector

15.7 Heberet Bank Hand Held Metal Detector

15.8 Italian Embassy Vehicle Inspection Mirror Garrett Walk-through Metal Detector, X-ray Machine

15.9 Korea Embassy Garrett Walk-through Metal Detector

15.10 Mesfin Industrial Eng. S.C Vehicle Inspection Mirror

15.11 Mega Printing Enterprise Vehicle Inspection Mirror

15.12 Ministry of Defense Installation of Walk-through Metal Detector Installation & Training

15.13 Mobil Oil East Africa Hand Held Metal Detector & Vehicle inspection Mirror

15.14 Parliament (conference Hall) Installation of Walk-through Metal Detector

15.15 Prime Minister’s Office Installation of Walk-through Metal Detector Installation & Training

15.16 Shell Ethiopia Hand Held Metal Detector & Vehicle inspection Mirror

15.17 Spain Embassy Installation of X-ray Machine

15.18 Wabi Shebelle Hotel Hand Held Metal Detector & Vehicle inspection Mirror

15.19 Wegagen bank Hand Held Metal Detector

15.20 Harmony Hotel Hand Held Metal Detector

  1. Networking

16.1 Dashen Bank, Woldia

16.2 Oromia presidential office, Adama

16.3 Saba Engineering

16.4 WFP

16.5 Different individuals

16.6 Oromia Radio & TV Station Adama


Should you require additional information concerning our company, products and services please do not hesitate to contact us in any ways of your preference. We will be delighted to provide you with

all information you may require including arrangements for show room and workshop visits.

Ethiopian Fire and Security P.L.C. (EFSEC)
Haile G/Selassie St / Haya hulet mazoria Nazareth Building 2nd floor, Office Number 201
13230 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 116 18 61 22
Fax: +251 116 18 61 21
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