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ETG Designing and Consulting P.L.C.

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About Us

Founded in 1995 ETG is a national designing and consulting firm that exclusively represents dynamism and commitment. Operating nationwide through its wholly owned subsidiaries offers a variety of services to its clients.

Established and registered under the regulation of the country in 1996 with initial capital of 100,000 birr ETG has achieved an extensive track record in design, consultancy and construction. Thanks to the perseverance of its staff and industrious and strategic executives, we are recognized as exuberant for the performance increasing as years goes by Today, having grown exponentially, ETG, headquartered in the Addis Ababa is upgraded to the level of Architects, Engineers, Planers and Associates of Category I and ISO 9001-2000 Certified.

The above 100 Professionals and Support Staff firm has a national reputation for architectural and engineering excellence confirmed by a number of companies, the federal government, regional states and non-governmental organizations. ETG currently exerts maximum effort and its staff spend sleepless nights with its approaching every project with afresh eye, a meticulous attention to detail, and keen appreciation for environment and economic concerns among others so that its presence felt by Ethiopians even in the Diasporas.

Further, dedicating ourselves to holistic approach, ETG integrates professionals in architectural, structural, electrical, sanitary, specification and bill of quantity.


Building Design Department

The department executes every design project with an aim to meet targets of the following activities:-

1.     To create an architectural design through the exercise of knowledge, imagination, judgment and professional responsibility.

2.     To formulate an architectural design in response to a project brief, sufficient to obtain endorsement of    overall objectives and design concept by a client and other interested parties.

3.     To develop a detailed design which is consistent with the design concept.

4.     To resolve a detailed design sufficient to obtain agreement and authorization to proceed to documentation for its translation into built form.

5.     To continuously comply with the project brief and meet contractual agreements throughout the course of implementation of a design project.

6.     To generate documentation and clearly communicate information for an architectural project so that it can be built and completed in accordance with the time frame, cost and quality objectives.

Urban Planning Department

The Urban planning department primarily deals with the regulation of land use and the physical arrangement of city structures as guided by architectural, engineering and land-development criteria. It also includes the comprehensive guidance of the physical, economic, and social environment of a community. Our Company’s services in these regard includes

  • General planning that summarizes the objectives of land development.
  • Zoning and subdivision controls that specify permissible land uses densities and requirements of streets utility services
  • Planning for traffic flow and public transportation
  • Strategies development for economic revitalization of urban & rural areas ...


The Geo-Technical Engineering department provides full scope geotechnical engineering service that spans from the initial project sub-surface investigation through design and analysis, to soil and construction materials testing

Road and Bridge
Road and Bridge Department is organized to provide extensive service in the Road Sector Development Program of Ethiopia covering all aspects from field surveys to feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, detailed engineering design and tender document preparation.

Our capabilities cover:

  • Transportation planning taking into consideration national and regional road networks;
  • Traffic engineering;
  • Geometric and drainage design;
  • Pavement analysis and material engineering;
  • Bridge and hydrological/hydraulic design;
  • Geotechnical and geological design;
  • Surveying and mapping;

Water supply and sanitation Department

The Water supply and Sanitation department is properly organized with highly skilled and experienced professionals comprising hydrologists; hydro geologists; mechanical, structural, civil & sanitation engineers; environmentalists, ecologists etc.

Our capabilities cover:

  • Watershed management schemes
  • Ground water exploration & development
  • Dams and diversion design works.
  • Water treatment and supply system design.
  • Hydrological studies
  • Storage reservoir and pumping facilities
  • Construction management

Contract Administration & Supervision Department

ETG Designers and Consultants Plc. shall carry out the services by deploying competent professionals depending on the nature of the project. The office generally practices accepted engineering standards in relation with construction project management.ETG Designers and Consultants Plc. always thus act as a faithful advisor to the employer in all issues related to the project in the construction & operation phases.


ETG Designing and Consulting P.L.C. Head Office 12756 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 116 63 00 28 / 29
Fax: +251 116 63 00 37
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