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Elugi Consult

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About Elugi Consult

Elugi Consult was established in 1990 GC, and the organization has broadened its initial scope of services, and is now diversified creating many other business firms. So the management board decided to collect all the business firms under one mother general company. In 1996 Elugi general trading is established and the entire five sister companies came under the general Trading as sister companies.


Elugi General trading provides services pertaining to: consultations; the preparation of economic and technical reports; design; design review; contract administration; and the supervision of civil works projects. A range of comprehensive services are offered in the following areas:

        - Building Engineering 
        - Assistance in supervision and contract administration 

Engineering Experience

Since its founding, Elugi has been providing specialized consultancy services for a number of institutions and throughout all sectors in the fields cited above. The firm’s clients include both governmental and non-governmental organizations, administrative regions, private developers, Consulting Engineers and Contractors, all of whom have expressed satisfaction and the high quality standards maintained during these challenging assignments. The full range of services subsumed in the Engineering Sector is an integral component of ELUGI’s activities. The range of services in this sector, which the firm currently provides covers: 

        - Feasibility 
        - Preliminary and detailed design
        - Tendering Assistance
        - Construction supervision 
        - Contracts administration

Organization and Experience

ELUGI’s organization is designed to respond quickly to client concerns, and, specialized expertise is grouped by sector and function. This type of organizational structure allows the firm to respond quickly at client’s needs within specific sectors, while simultaneously allowing it the flexibility to merge technical skills, as needed, to address multidisciplinary assignments.

Elugi Consult Head Office 12355 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 116 47 61 78
Fax: +251 116 47 61 80
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