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Electrocommercial S.C.

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About Electrocommercial s.c.

Electrocommercial is an efficiently managed imports company that has been meeting the needs of the Ethiopian consumer since 1960.

The Company began serving the needs of the country through the importation of electric materials and later expanded into the importation of household goods, motor vehicles, as well as other products and continues to significantly contribute to the building and upgrading of Ethiopia’s infrastructure by offering competitive quality products.

Today the multifaceted Company is a major importer of quality, well-known brands on many fronts and relies on its extensive experience with the Ethiopian business community and government to guide it through successful future business ventures.

Electrocommercial attributes the company’s success to a strong commitment and desire for serving the unique needs of the Ethiopian consumer. In addition, Electrocommercial strictly maintains a well-stocked inventory of products and continually evaluates the trends of the country’s consumers.

As a result, Electrocommercial has succeeded due to its extreme sensitivity to the needs of the Ethiopian consumer and is dedicated to remaining in-touch with the people who have supported its expansion to become of one of the finest import companies in Ethiopia.


  • Vehicles

 ELCO offers a wide-range of practical vehicles, specifically imported to accommodate Ethiopia’s need for affordable, durable vehicles in both the commercial and private sectors.

ELCO is the sole agent for Suzuki, Maruti and Mahindra in Ethiopia as well as a co-agent for Toyota, Isuzu, Hyundai, Kia, Opel, Ford, GM and others. We not only provide you with vehicles that match the environment of Ethiopia but also provide professional After Sale Service with highly trained staff and a well-stocked supply of spare parts to keep your vehicle working for you.

ELCO takes great pride in its extremely efficient operations for clearing both duty-paid, and especially duty-free products through the proper authorities both at the Djibouti Port and within Ethiopia. Rest assured, with ELCO that your vehicle will arrive on site anywhere in Ethiopia, safely, quickly with the least amount of hassle possible.

  • Power Generators

 In a country where power may not be available, reliable, serviceable products are essential to any successful operation. ELCO is well equipped to provide you with well-informed information about the generator that will best fit your needs.

ELCO has a wide-range of power generator options to satisfy the needs of both small and large scale operations. We partner with producers of high quality products, such as IVECO, Aifo and Himoninsa, companies that produce technology ideal for the environment of Ethiopia. Large or small, ELCO understands the importance of electrical power to your operations and is committed to service your vital equipment wherever it might be within Ethiopia.

Rest at ease knowing that the experience of ELCO will efficiently deliver and install your competitively priced, quality power equipment, duty-paid or duty-free, to any site required within Ethiopia.

  • Electrical Systems

 Recently Ethiopia has experienced a significant increase the in construction of factories, residential and commercial structures. As a result the economy has significantly increased its demand for electric products. ELCO is the most professionally experienced distributor of electric products in the country and continues to introduce the latest innovative products to the Ethiopian consumer through knowledgeable sales people who thoroughly understand the products they are selling.

In a country where standardization of equipment and systems has much to be desired, professional guidance about making electrical equipment decisions is vital to the success of any operation. ELCO is not just in the business of importing products, it is in the business of assisting its customers to make the most well informed decisions so their operations run smoothly for the long-run.

If you have a project that requires electrical equipment call on the most experienced provider of electrical equipment in the country, ELCO.

  • Workshop Equipments

ELCO is capable of providing Ethiopian consumers with all the necessary equipment to configure a fully equipped workshop environment. All tools and equipment are competitively priced, quality products that facilitate the repair and the building of products and facilities within the country.

Let ELCO’s well-informed staff guide you in the creation or upgrading of your workshop to create a more efficient workshop environment with world-wide leading products such as those produced by USAG.

  • Electrical Rewinding Materials

  • Power Cables

  • Welding Equipments

After Sale Service

Electrocommercial takes particular pride in the type of After Sale Service it provides customers. In an economy where skilled labor is limited, a responsible company must take-up the added task of training and up-grading its employees’ skills almost single handedly for even the most basic of skills.

Although this means additional costs to the company the situation results in loyal employees who are specifically tuned to the needs of the company that in-turn are perfectly matched to satisfy the needs of the company’s customer.

Electrocommercial believes that professionally serving customers with quality After Sales Service is the base for its past success and key to its future endeavors.

Electrocommercial S.C.
Mexico, Temama Building, 1st Floor
318 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 115 50 44 16 / 17
Fax: +251 115 51 51 98
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