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Electric World P.L.C

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• Importer
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• Retailer
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Electric World PLC in Ethiopia is the leading importer and distributor of electrical products such as wires and cables, Building of Electric World PLClight fittings and lamps, switches and circuit barkers etc. from the leading European manufacturers. From different sizes of conduits to fuses and fire holders, from street lighting to a variety of commercial & industrial light fittings to oriental lighting and lightening arresters or preventer featuring systems etc.

It would be endless to name all the goods we stock in 3 main stores with the exception of our retail shops ready to hand stock for easy sales to the final customer. All the products we carry are of genuine European standard and origin than meet all the specifications of the prominent consulting architects and Engineers and Building Design Enterprise.

Our Mission

We, the employees of electric world P.L.C are committed to providing total quality customer service for our customers and total quality representation for our manufacturers. Electric world P.L.C is committed to continuous and total quality representation for our manufacturers. Electric world P.L.C is committed to continuous learning of our employees, and believes the employees are our greatest assets.

Our Values

  • EXCELLENCE: We pursue Excellence & innovation in every task we undertake.
  • INTEGRITY: We and here to complete fairness and the highest ethical values in our practices.
  • TRUST: We bestow full in those we give responsibilities and believe in transparency with our client and employees.
  • ENVIROMENT & SAFETY: We apply the highest standard of safety, the protection of the environment and our employees 

Our Plan

In the coming few years the management of Electrical world P.L.C plants further expand the scope of its activities to stand out as one of the prominent companies in the field of electrical and development of renewable energy supply for rural Ethiopia. The satisfaction of our customers and the undivided loyalty and dedications of our employees has contributed greatly to our success. As the name implies we Import a world of electrical materials in thousands like wires and cables, light fitting and saving lamps, switches and circuit breakers etc.  

To name a few of the major brand names of our products in stock,

  • Phillips
  • Gewiss
  • RZB
  • O,ERRE
  • Legrand
  • Mareco,ABB and many more.

Sales & Distribution

Our sales system of distribution is divided into 2 major groups.

1. Wholesale distribution to all retailers in Addis and to other cities and regional towns.

2. Project sales to building contractures, Installation Electricians, Real Estate Developers & Building owners, the sales force is organized in such a way to handle the different requests and orders for each group of sales and deliveries. 


  Philips Solar  
ABB Breaker clean ABB Breaker Breaker
     Philips -Bulb Twirl        Light Bulb   Philips-Floresent
Solar Pabel        Viko Switch Transformer

Domestics & Industrial indoor outdoor, Stadium and street lighting

  • In door & Outdoor Lighting
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Cooling & exhaust fans


  • All electrical & Lighting materials
  • Air Conditioners
  • Switch gear distribution panels
  • Earthling & lighting prevention system
  • Conduits & Trucking systems plus conduits
  • Wires and Cables
  • Street light poles and light mast & distributor board and control panels
  • Generators Sets
  • Transformers
  • Compacts Substation
  • Philips Solar home light system
  • All other Related Materials etc... 
Electric World P.L.C
Churchil Ave / Piassa Near Cathedral School
7666 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0111 56 58 38/39
Fax: 0111 55 39 89
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