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EKOS Steel Mill PLC

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EKOS Steel Mill is the first and major S. Korean investor in the heavy industries in Ethiopia.

In accordance with the guidance of Federal government, we are constructing steel manufacturing factory in order to meet the domestic demands and substitute the import of final products.

We will produce annually 150,000 MT of Reinforcement Bars and Wire Rods in 1st phase, another 150,000 MT of other Long Products as well as rebars and wire rods in 2nd phase.

Currently, we are installing rebar & wire rod production facilities, scheduling to start commercial production of 1st phase in January 2018.


Locations :  [   Factory   ]  4 km from Bishoftu Exit of A-A Expressway,  Dukem, Oromia


                     [Sales office]  DH Geda Tower 6F,  50 Africa Ave.,  Bole, Addis Ababa


                                              Tel :  011.618 9758 / 011.663 3721                Mob :  091.082 2684

                                              Email :  sales.ekos@gmail.com

Addis Ababa
Phone: 011618 9758 / 011663 3721
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