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Dembel Real Estate

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Dembel Real Estate In persuit of Delivering Quality

Dembel Real estate is owned by its parent company, YENCOMAD construction Plc. Yencomad is a first class General Contractor (GC-1) established in 1994 to provide services in civil work projects, mainly road construction and maintenance, building construction and maintenance, water works airfield construction etc. Dembel city center and Getu Commericial center are few of the buildings In Addis Ababa Built by Yencomad Construction Plc. The company is registered with the ministry of Urban Development.

Yencomad takes pride in its highly qualified engineers & professionals of different disciplines who strive to serve its customers with integrity and honesty. Yencomad with highly trained professionals that are committed to quality coupled with state-of-the-art construction equipment has kept Yencomad at the forefront, & has proven to be one of the best construction companies in the country.

Dembel Real estate is recently established to meet the growing demand of potential Homebuyers in Ethiopia. it has been in conception for a while but waited for the right moment to become an outstanding real estate with excellent service to satisfy potential homebuyers with discriminating taste for quality and value. Excellent design, superb location, experienced and strong construction team, reasonable pricing are some of the attributes that represent Dembel Real estate.

Two Bed 1255q/m

Three Bed 1775 q/m

Dry Kitchen Dry Kitchen
Living Room Living Room
Dining Room Dining Area
Master Bedroom Master Bedroom
Dressing Room Dressing Room
En-suite En-suite
Bedroom 2 En-suite
Powder Room Bedroom 2
Maid Room Bedroom 3
Balcony Family Room
Wet Kitchen Powder Room
 1st floor & 2nd floor Maid Room
  Wet Kitchen
  1st floor, 2nd floor &  3rd floor

Think west, west end!

West End Apartmentswhat makes Dembel Real Estate unique from the pack is its attention to details. the location "west End" was selected after a meticulous search for different plots available in the city. just 10 kilometers west of Dembel Sity center (around 3 kilometers from old Airport), West End has all the neccessary infrastructure needed to support its community. The architectural design took a tremendous time to complete in pursuit of delivering quality in offering a true international standard to potential buyers. the best architectural firms were scouted around the world to help develop the design and finally a firm from Thailand was selected. The dsign team comprises of architects from Germany, Great britain, United States and Thailand. Dembel Real Estate succeeded in marrying the modern and efficient design from the west with the local traditions, values and demand. With the help of renowned internationa, Local architeects and structural, civil, electrical and sanitary engineers, West End has been able to successfully meet its goals set by Dembel Real Estate.


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Head Office Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0115 53 78 22, 0115 53 86 23
Fax: 0115 53 76 56
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