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General contractors of grade 1.

Enyi Construction

Enyi construction is one of the greatest construction companies in ethiopia. It is a grade-1 contractor engaged in construction of high traffic asphalt roads and specialized in construction of residential and commercial buildings with quality material and workmanship.

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Gift Construction P.L.C

Gift Construction PLC is the latest addition to the GIFT Group Companies, which envisages engaging in the construction activity of the company’s Real Estate development as well as rendering its service to other companies and institutions including the government projects.

Product Supply Origin

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Yencomad Construction plc is a first class GEneral Contractor (GC-1) engaged in civil work projects. mainly in Road & Building Construction with Agriculture & Real Estate as additional activities. it was established in October 1994 while our famous Dembel City Centre building was under construction.

Since 1994 Yencomad has successfully executed more than 30 projects some of the road projects completed since establishment of the firm.

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Osac Business P.L.C.

About New look Construction and Real Estate

New look Construction one of the Osac Business Group leading company was established with the purpose of providing large-scale construction services and contributing to the development of the construction industry in the country. Since the company's establishment, new look Construction has successfully accomplished more large-scale projects.

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Orchid Business Group P.L.C.

About Orchid Business Group (OBG) P.L.C.

Orchid Business Group (OBG) an Ethiopian business giant composed of several investment companies. We have a proven track record of providing efficient TRANSPORT support. Our hundred plus trucks and trailers helped us earn the reputation we have in the transportation sector.

 Our MACHINERY WORKSHOP at Alem Gena is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment’s and experienced personnel. This workshop has made our MACHINERY RENTAL business a successful one. We deliver the best machineries and industrial plants.

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Yotek Real Estate

Is seeks to be a high quality innovative and enduring builder in Ethiopia by applying attention to detail, hand on project management and strong cost- containment methods to benefit our clients.

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Gift Real Estate

The company currently is broadening its operation in other east African countries with the experience and strengths developed so far. The human capital of the company is organized with the best professionals from divers educational and work experience who are harmoniously integrated to satisfy the customers’ wants and achieve the company’s common goal.

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Diriba Defersha Amosha

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Sunshine Construction P.L.C.

Is one of the leading companies capable of handling complex and challenging projects ranging from residential, warehouse and office complex buildings, road and bridge construction, and now have ventured in to real-estate development.

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Ethio General Contractor

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