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Building contractors of grade 1.

Kasa and Sons Construction

KASSA and Sons Construction PLC is established on April 1980GC, initially as KASSA G/TSADIK Building Contractor and later on October 1998 got its present constitution. Since 1980GC kassa and sons construction PLC has been a family business centered on one creative vision to provide widest range of solution in parts of  construction. 

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Jefor Construction and Real Estate

Whether you want to build an Office Building, a Factory, a Church, an Apartment Complex, a Hotel or even your dream home, we are your natural choice. Jefor Construction is accustom to both working with the owner's architect or performing a wide range of services, i

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Dugda Construction P.L.C.

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Kulubi Construction Enterprise

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Jibrel Geressu Habib

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Zamra Construction P.L.C.

Is one of Ethiopia’s leading multi-disciplinary construction firms with over thirty completed projects to its name. As a Grade One contractor we operate throughout the entire spectrum of Ethiopian Construction.

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Awash Wolday W/Abzigi

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Yoakan Construction

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Roel Construction

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Red Sea Construction P.L.C.

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