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Berhan Insurance S.C.

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About Berhan Insurance s.c.

Berhan Insurance S.C. is a company established in October 2010 by more than 450 shareholders to undertake general insurance business. Currently the company is providing various types of property, liability and pecuniary insurances at eight branches in Addis Ababa and Hawassa Branch with a plan to expand further in Addis Ababa and regional towns.


Berhan Insurance Company has a vision to become an insurance company of popular choice.


The Company’s mission is to provide insurance services to the public in a professional way and satisfy all the stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees and the community).


Efficiency, Honesty and Integrity are the core values of the Company.


Engineering Insurance

This type of business insurance provides very broad cover for damage to electrical and mechanical machinery and can include engineering inspection, a statutory requirement for certain items of plant, this may also be referred to as Machinery Breakdown or Plant All Risks.

·Contractors’ All risks

·Erection all risks

·Contractors’ Plant and Machinery

·Machinery Breakdown

·Boiler Explosion

·Electronic Equipment

Come and talk to us for more of our products and advice.
Berhan Insurance Head office
Sierra Leone St / Beklobet Yeshitam Building
9266 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 114 67 44 31
Fax: +251 114 66 87 01
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