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Aser Real Estate

Area of work
• Real Estate Developer


ASER private limited company was established with the objective of playing its part in the speedy and extensive developmental activities in the country. There is a large construction underway in the country and particular in the capital ADDIS ABABA .In line with that ,and as one of its goals, ASER plans to construct residential and office buildings in Addis Ababa on a plot of land it has acquired under a 99 years lease arrangement. Consequently, ASER has begun construction and sales at a very convenient location commonly known as EKA TAFO, near AYAT and in front of Zone 8.

Head Office
S1 Road CMC Road Dominarof building 5th floor No. 503
5390 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 116 47 76 74
Fax: +251 116 47 77 05
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