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Amhara Water Works Construction Enterprise

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About Amhara water works enterprise (Awwce)

Amhara water Works Construction Enterprise (AWWCE) is a grade one general contractor which is located in Bahirdar town at Kebele 14, principally established to carry out construction of civil works. The main activities of the enterprise include the construction of dams, irrigation, water supply, river diversions, roads, buildings, borehole and pump test. The enterprise has been established in 1988 E.C and reorganized in 1997 E.C in order the full fill the demand of the region in construction sectors especially in water and related works.

The objective of Amhara water works construction enterprise (AWWCE)

  • Provide adequate water supply, irrigation structures, road and housing both in terms of quality and quantity;
  • Provide wide construction service and quality work thereby continuously increasing the construction capacity of the enterprise, time and resource usage, and makes the enterprise long-lasting & profitable.

The mission of Amhara water works construction enterprise (AWWCE)

Strengthens its capacity in construction industry, Improving time and resource utilization, creating sustainable, Profitability and availing quality service to the customers.

The vision of Amhara water works construction enterprise (AWWCE)

To be one of the leader in Africa in construction Industry for the coming 20 years.

Construction projects 

 AWWCE is well equipped and has rich experience particularly in the construction of hydraulic structures mainly irrigation and water supply. It is the leading water works construction company in the region and has been undertaking large and big projects throughout the region and for the neighboring regions. To mention just a few; Lalibela water supply, selamiko irrigation dam in north wollo, Boralie irrigation dam at North shewoa, Estie water supply project at south gonder, Telalak diversion weir in the Afar region as well as other water supply and irrigation projects for different towns in the region   which is included large and complicated supply systems. It has also Ribe irrigation project which is also under construction at south Gonder zone.

Construction core process:

The construction core process is one of the main activities in the Amhara water works construction enterprise which has the aim to construct and provide different construction services in the region and neighboring regions. 

  1. Hydraulic structures such as water supply systems, dams and irrigation works.
  • Projects currently undertaken: 
  • Addiskidam water supply project
  • Durbete water supply project 
  • Debretabor water supply project 
  • Tana beles sugar irrigation project
  • Ribe dame for irrigation etc.
  1. Buildings such as schools, institutes, hospitals, offices, industrial buildings, and residential houses.
  • Projects currently undertaken:
  • Patriot and elder building
  • Amhara agriculture store 
  • Plastic factory office etc.
  1. Bridges and roads. 
  • Projects currently undertaken: 
  • Bahirdar 13km coble stone road project
  • Dessie coble stone road project etc.
Main Office
Kebele 14
106 Bahirdar, Amhara
Phone: 0582 22 17 51/20 04 08
Fax: 0582 26 60 11/64 72
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