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A.G.T.A P.L.C.

Area of work
• Importer
Imported Type:
• Retailer
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About A.G.T.A P.L.C.

A.G.T.A Private Limited Company was established as per the commercial code of Ethiopia in 1991 E.C. The primary objective of the company is import and distribution of vehicles, representation overseas companies, offering trade assistances for local and overseas companies and other related businesses.

The Company has been importing Chinese made vehicles; shac, Baw, Wuling, etc. for the past few years and is an exclusive dealer in Ethiopia. It has also car service workshop equipped with state-of-the art equipments that gives high quality service.

Being involved in vehicle import and distribution business for the past years has helped A.G.T.A plc. to become expert in the business and delivering goods to its clients in a fast and efficient manner.


A.G.T.A Plc. is established by three shareholders.

Vision & Objectives of the Company

A.G.T.A Plc. has established and clearly defined its vision; that is becoming 'a high class vehicle Import & service providing company of Ethiopian origin'. This will be achieved through becoming a multifaceted company committed to providing maximum customer satisfaction.

To achieve this vision, it has been resolved upon a set of strategies. Executing these strategies translates directly in to the ability to serve the company's vision and objectives. The company's visions are to be implemented through local and external partnership.

The company has the following objectives:-

  • To generate income (profit) to the shareholders;
  • To supply vehicles and service to the Ethiopian market;
  • To contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation at large and to the transport sector in particular;
  • The company leverages the intrinsic values of the in-house capacity by adopting and integrating it with new practices and efforts through partnerships that complement the company's core objectives thereby allowing it to operate at maximum efficiency.

Company Values & Culture

  • The following are components of the company's values and cultures.
  • The company respects the values and contributions of every employee and considers it essential to its success.
  • The company communicates openly and honestly.
  • Unethical and dishonest practices have no place in the company.
  • The company recognizes and reward performance.
  • The company believes that work should be fun.
  • The company strongly believes that teams, not individuals are the essential unit of the organization for achieving high performance and accelerating growth.




  • Honyan Genlyon 6 x 4 Tipper Truck
  • Bult Cement Truck
  • Hongyan Genlyon 6 x 4 Tractor Truck
  • Hongyan Kingkan 8 × 4 Tipper Truck
  • Hongyan Kingkan 6 × 4 Tipper Truck


  • Wuling Sunshine Long Wheelbase
  • Wuling Sunshine
  • Wuling Rongguang
  • 11-seat Diesel Mini-bus

4-Weel Drives

A.G.T.A P.L.C. Head Office
Akaki Kality Sub City, Kebele 01/03
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 114 34 09 91
Fax: +251 114 34 76 19
A.G.T.A P.L.C. Sales Office
Djibuti St / Bole Medhania Alem Blen Building Fourth Floor
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
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