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Addis Prefab Housing Manufacturing Industries S.C

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• Real Estate Developer
• Manufacturer
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ABOUT Addis Prefab Housing Manufacturing Industries S.C (APHMI)

Operating in an environment where there is a huge gap between housing demand and supply, the success of a real estate company hinges upon its ability to deliver innovative housing solutions. This is because constructing residential and commercial buildings with a reduced construction period, time and money using the conventional building technology is getting tougher every time in Ethiopia.

Therefore, advancing the building technology is the key tool to address the recent housing supply crunch that our country is facing. That is why Addis Prefab Housing Manufacturing Industries S.C (APHMI) is engaged in the real estate business with a Prefab Building Technology where the standard parts of the house are manufactured off-site in a factory and assembled on site.

APHMI is established as a public company comprising 861 shareholders with a registered capital of 39.7 million Br in February 2004 E.C. The company has four core business units’ namely Real estate, Manufacturing, Construction and Trading. These units are expected to become independent subsidiary companies in the long run.  

The real estate business unit constructs houses using the nine prefab building materials that the manufacturing business unit will produce. The construction business unit will be taking projects for the construction of different types of buildings through bidding using prefab technology. Addis Prefab will also sale its pre-fabricated products to both local and international market through its trading business unit.


"To become the leading technology provider of green construction solution to the development of affordable and state of the art residential, commercial and industrial buildings in the African continent."


"To pursue and set high standards of excellence in the multiple endeavors of our businesses, by the shared commitment of our employees, dedication and dynamism of our management, by being accountable to our shareholders and the general public"


  •  Becoming user and technology Provider of innovative construction methods and materials;
  • Manufacturing Light Gauge Steel, Calcium Silicate Board, Cement fiber boards, Ceiling grids, Artificial stone walls, etc.;
  • Constructing speedy and cost efficient houses and commercial buildings;
  • Creating employment for over 7471 permanent and temporary employees in the long run;
  • Producing a great deal of revenue for the government in the form of taxes;
  • Assisting government housing projects through knowledge transfer; and Research and Development activities.



Addis Prefab Housing Manufacturing Industries S.C Head Office
Ring Rd / gerji Along the way from Anbesa Garage to Mebrat Hail, Ahadu Building, Ground Floor
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 116 29 37 77
Fax: +251 116 29 37 25
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