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Abulkhase P.L.C

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Abulkhase PLC. is an Ethiopian importer and distributor of construction and agricultural machineries, SOLE AGENT FOR FIORI SELF-PROPELLED MIXING SYSTEMS IN ETHIOPIA, other machineries and spare parts, building materials, paper and paper products, textiles, food items, generating sets and electric motors, diesel engines, vehicles and spare parts, supplier and dealer of Bashan motorcycles and various types of vehicle spare parts.


Envisaged in 1988, Abulkhase PLC. along with its sister company Abadir Enterprise has pioneered the supply of quality materials and equipment throughout several industries in Ethiopia. Using the expertise that has been attained in the last 20 years, Abulkhase PLC. maintains successful supplier relations ranging from South America, Europe and the Far East.  Furthermore, Abulkhase PLC. a company devoted to the growth of the Ethiopian industry is an active owner in the Ethio-Danish joint venture of materials manufacturing and trading PLC., a company created to meet the local and global demand of Ethio-Danish.

With an ethics of providing efficient after sales service for all equipment and goods supplied through a dedicated staff of mechanics with a 60sqm workshop, sales executives and field trained professionals, Abulkhase P.L.C has been able to efficiently compete and establish itself as one of the industry’s market leaders. Moreover, through the excellent level of communication and relations that it maintains, Abulkhase PLC. is known for in providing the full range of parts and components of all the equipment and materials it houses under its portfolio. Its vast client base indicates that, Abulkhase PLC. has time and time again grown in reputation for the trust that it has established towards its client through its efficient after sales and ethical approach. Abulkhase PLC. to further its commitment to its esteemed client base and as a reliable supplier, it provides an adequate stock of all the items that it houses under its portfolio.


Pioneering quality, reliability and efficiency in the Ethiopian market.


To become market leaders through a client conscious approach that ensures the provisions of quality products, sales and after sales services.


Mixer DB 260 Basic
Concrete Yeld 2500 Concrete Mixer Db 260
Drum Volume 3.150
Load bucket Capacity 550
Number of Bucket required per load 7
Engine Perkins 64 kw (87hp)
Minimum transfer length 4.870 mm
Max length with bucket on ground 5.750 mm
Max width 2.200 mm
Min height with bucket on ground 2.750 mm
Max transfer height 3.690 mm

Concrete mixer DB 180

Model D8 180 Concrete Mixer Db 180
Diesel Engine Yanmar 36kw (49Hp)
Turning radius R.Min 2.300mm, R.max 4.060mm,H2 2.600mm,
Size L2, 4.520mm, W2 1.790mm
Speeds 11 5km/h, II1 7km/h, III1 14km/h, IV,20km/h
Batching capacity 7.2m3/H
Concrete yield 1.8m3

Wood working


Cast-Iron frame

  • Spoke cast-iron wheels
  • Cast-iron table, which tilts upon 360
  • Top precision guide
  • Bottom guide with wooden blocks                                                                              
 Bandsaws Combination Machine Wood Thickness Machine


Concrete mixers with lombardini Engine

Model Professional Concrete Mixer 400L
Drum capacity 400
Mixing capacity 310
Number of cycles/hour 15 cicios / cucles
Hourty Production 4050L-4.05m3
Recommended motor dos 2.0 motor Electrico hp CV, motor combustato 5.5 CV Hp combustato

600 Hydraulic Mixers

Mechanical Turn With relation pinionrack           Hydraulic Mixer 600L
Hydraulic Charger
Totally Detachable
Low Maintence
higher Durability
Higher Security

Reversible Drum Mixers with lombardini Diesel Engine

Technical Data 750 Diesel 1000 Diesel 1200 Diesel  Reversible Drum mixers Mod 750,1000, 1200
Tank capacity It 650 It 710 It 1200
Hopper Capacity It 750 It 900 It 1100
Output Capacity It 450 It 510 It 980
Mixing Capacity n.30 n.30 n.30
Power of Motor Hp.21 hp 23 Hp 28

Diesel Generators

10-2000KVA        Diesel Generators
Highly reliable
More Human Design, Easier Operation

Diesel Engines & Electrical Motors

Diesel Engines Diesel Engine
Single to four cylinders
water & Air cooled
Electrical Motors
Single & Three phase

Compact Equipment

Code VR-6500K    Roller Code VR-6500
Model VR6500D
Centrifugal force (KN) X238x700x1772
Dimensions(mm) 675
Weight(kg) 402x650
Drum size(mm) 402x650
Engine power – hp (kw) 402x650

Plate Compactors

Code (CE) PC100H PC60 H Plate Compactor
Model PC100 PC 60
Dimension Lxw (mm) 590 x 500 514 x 350
Operating Weight (kg) 100 60
Centrifugal force (kN) 15 11
Operating Speed (m/min) 26 25
Compacted area (m2/h) 600 400
Engine Honda Gx160 Honda Gx160
Engine power 3.6kw 3.6kw
DE-watering Pump
Code PFP80 104.10.00306 DE-watering pump
Model Complete FORCE Pump 6m with accessories included + fire couplings 3n+dischange hose 10m+drive unit GX160 New VIB & Pump Pack
Code TR800D     Rammer Code TR800D
Model TR800D
Engine Diesel Hatz IB20
Power engine-hp (km) 4,6 (3,5)
Weight (kg) 88
Compaction depth (cm) 66
Compacted area (m2/h) 310
Code 101.35.00000 101.65.00000 Vibrators code
Serie AAX AAx35 AAx35
Tube diameter (mm) 35 68
Tube weight (kg) 1.3 6.3
Total weight (kg) 12.2 21.5
Flexible shaft length (m) 6 6
Total length  (m) 6.4 6.5
Amplitude (m) 1.2 1
Frequency (rpm) 1200 1200
Concrete Cutters
Code CTC4-5 Concrete Cutters
Model Precision cut4-5
Dimensions lxwxh (mm) 2135x571x1081
Weight (kg) 130
Max cutting depth (mm) 146-164-192
Blade size (mm) 400-450-500
Weter tank capacity (1(mm) 57.6
Engine type 37
Type engine Power hp (kw) Honda Gx390-13(9,6)
Engine rated speed (rpm) 3600
Air Compressors
piston compressors with electric motor Air compressors
From 25-46ltrs/1.5-30hp
1-5 cylinders
Cast iron heads
Air Compressors with combustion motor
Screw compressors
7.5-11 bars

Pistone Compressors with Electric Motor

  • From 25-460ltrs/1.5-30 hp
  • 1-5 cylinders
  • Cast iron Heads

* Air Compressors With Comustion Motor

* Screw Compressors

  • 05-200hp
  • 7.5-11 bars
Jaw Crusher
Item Unit PE150x250 PE250x400 PE200x1000 Jaw Crusher
Iniet size mm 150x250 250x400 200x1000
  mm 125 210 160
  mm 10-40 20-60 10-40
  m3/h 0.6-3 5-14 7-24
  kg 390 2100 4960
  kw 5.5 15 30
  mm 755x590x670 1250x1130x1200 1530x7975x1180

Related Products

  • Different size of jaws
  • Conveyor belts of all sizes
  • Perforated metal sheets of all sizes


  • Size 80-1001
  • Pan thickness 0.08-1mm
  • Solid rubber filled tyers

Portable Diesel Screw Compressor SD 400, CFM - 400 CFM

               Portable Diesel Screw compressor


Head Office 4422 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0112 75 64 71, 0112 75 76 67
Fax: 0115 75 64 71
Show Room Addis Ababa
Phone: 09 11 07 12 93, 09 11 69 99 79
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