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Abay Insurance S.C

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• Insurance

About Abay Insurance S.C

Abay Insurance SC officially received permission from the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) to join the insurance industry and is to become fully operational by the end of August 2010.

Abay Insurance, which is set to become the 10th private insurer in the market, submitted its application to NBE in April 2010 and was recognized as a general (non-life) insurance company on July 5. The insurance company was founded by nine shareholders in January 2010, with a subscribed capital of 12 million Br and a paid-up capital of eight million Birr, five million Birr more than the minimum set for the formation of insurance companies.



5879 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 11 553 53 00
Fax: +251 11 515 76 90
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