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Abadir Engineering P.L.C.

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• Manufacturer
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• Repair & Maintenance
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About Abadir Engineering P.L.C.

Abadir Engineering P.L.C. is an Ethiopian firm with its head office in Addis Ababa was previously established in 1975 in the name of Ali Abdella Sherif, Abadir Metal and Wood Works. The Company is among the pioneers of metal and wood products industry in Ethiopia with the objective of satisfying the demand of metal and wood products by analyzing the level of the people income.

In 1993 the factory has made an expansion activities with the Investment of Birr 771, 543 provided by Development Bank of Ethiopia improve the facility of both metal and wood workshops by installing new and modern machineries and equipment. As a result, the production capacity increase from small type of products to different verities products. As the importance of the product were perceiving  the factory was also renovated and expanded in different times with different assets contributed by the company itself to meet the rising customers demand. Currently the company over all assets will be estimated to Birr 4,000,000.00

Currently the company has reorganized its structure and made four departments managed by highly qualified professionals of high educational background and rich experience. The have actively participated in many of the projects that have been carried out by Abadir Engineering plc. At present the company has 25 employees among them 22 are male and 3 female. Besides 18 are permanent employees and the remaining are hired on contractual basis. Depending on the size of the projects at hand the number of contract and casual laborers will be vary.


Wood Work

  • Solid wooden door 
  • Flush wooden door
  • Single pedestal table
  • Double pedestal table
  • School Chair   
  • Children Chair 
  • Library Table  
  • Notice Board   
  • Black Board  
  • Cupboard   
  • Wooden shelf
  • Bed   
  • Eve board
  • Computer Table
  • Dressing Table 

Metal Work

  • Imitation Door    
  • French Door   
  • Bed   
  • Main gate door
  • Truss and Purlin
  • File cabinet  
  • Lateral  
  • Fence  
  • Veranda and  Grill
  • Colon mold   
  • Concrete mold   


Major services given by Abadir Metal and Wood Work are presented as follows

  • Fabrication of steel structures
  • Fabrication of water and fuel tankers
  • Fabrication and modification of construction equipment 
  • Fabrication of wood work

                        - Chair
                        - Bed
                        - Table
                        - Solid Door
                        - Parquet
                        - Built in cupboard etc.

  • Erection and commissioning work
  • Technical assistance
  • Modification work
  • Maintenance of Mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems

Abadir Metal and Wood Work provides these services for manufacturing, agriculture, education, construction and entertainment industries.


Abadir Engineering P.L.C. 40209 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 114 42 29 03
Fax: +251 114 42 21 35
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