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AB-HAM ENTERPRISE is a private limited company registered and licensed with the approriate ministries to provide a wide spectrum of services in the field of civil engineering, furnishing, electromechanical, & other construction related areas.

For over 15 years, AB-HAM Enterprise PLC continues to introduce innovative products and solutions to the construction industry working closely as a reliable partner with its clients by proactively identifying and providing constructive solutions. AB-HAM supplies first-class products from world renowned manufacturers as well as provides technical expertise through its highly trained professional staff.

Having studied the demand for cost & time saving building solutions, AB-HAM has also introduced FRAMECAD, a world-renowned light gauge steel building technology that enables fast, reliable, and automated design, production & construction.

  • AB-HAM is a Sole agent and distributer for the following leading international manufacturers of high quality construction materials:
  • AB-HAM Smart Steel - Engineered Prefabricated house manufacturing, Addis Ababa
  • AB-HAM Plastic - PVC, PP & HDPE pipes and fitting manufacturing , Addis Ababa
  • AB-HAM Cement products - High quality HCB and concrete tile manufacturing, Sebeta
  • DECRA - Roofing System, New Zealand
  • FOSROC - Complete Construction Chemical Solution, UK
  • Daiken - Suspended Ceiling, Japan
  • IPS - PPR pipes and fittings, Argentina
  • York International - Air conditioners and Refrigerators, USA
  • Everest - Wall solution, India
  • LABTEC - Laboratory and Hospital Furniture - Dubai
  • Gutterflow - Rain water system, South Africa
  • Trace plastic-Non woven geotextile
  • KINGSPAN - Building insulation, Australia
  • Polytex - Scaffolding Net and Cover, Vietnam

Our Services

  • Consultancy
  • AB-HAM provides consultancy service for related projects from preparation, material recommendation to application.
  • Supervision
  • While the project is under construction and after completion Ab-ham gives a follow up and supervision service to its customers.
  • Installation
  • For the materials and chemicals we supply, we give installation and application Service.
  • Delivery
  • As per our agreement with our customers we give delivery service for the products we supply.


Decra Stone Coated Steel Roofing systems 
  • Decra Shake Profile
  • Decra Shingle Profile
 Decra Stone roofing System

Decra Stone roofing System

Decra Stone roofing System
AB-HAM is the sole importer and distributor of FOSROC products in Ethiopia.
  • Admixture for concrete
  • Waterproofing
  • Flooring
Addis Ababa Sport Center Epoxy Flooring work Central Printing press Epoxy flooring work Adama Fetel textile factory

AB-HAM is the sole importer and distributor of York Air Conditioning Systems in Ethiopia.

  • Light Commerical
  • Homeowners
YORK Air Conditioning YORK Air Conditioning YORK Air Conditioning

AB-HAM is the sole importer and distributor of Labtec products in Ethiopia.

Labtec LLC is an ISO 9001 certified company and a leading manufacturer of Laboratory and Hospital Furniture’s & Systems with manufacturing facilities in Sharjah since 1981.

laboratory Furniture laboratory Furniture laboratory Furniture

AB-HAM is the sole importer and distributor of Non Woven Geotextile

The Thrace Plastics Group operates companies in 10 countries the main activity of which is the production and trade of PP & PE products.

  • Separation
  • Reinforcement
  • Filtration
  • Erosion Control

AB-HAM is the sole importer and distributor of Everest products in Ethiopia.

Everest has vast experience in producing over 1 billion sq.m of roofing and over 48 million sq.m. of fiber cement boards. The current capacity for producing non-asbestos fiber cement roofing and boards is 14 million sq.m. and 16million sq.m per annum respectively .All products conform to the highest international standards and are manufactured using the latest European technology.

  • Everest Multipurpose Cement Board
  • Everest Heavy Duty Cement Board
  • Everest Designer Cement Boards
  • Everest Pearl-Designer Ceiling
  • Everest Siding
Ethio-China Wello Sefer Friendship Avenue / in front of Tebaber Bldg
672 Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa
Phone: 0115 50 76 34 /35
Fax: 0115 51 98 40
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