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Detailed summary of the procedures, time and costs to build a warehouse in Ethiopia, Number of Procedure Time to Complete Associated Costs

Published on: Thu, 2013-04-04 13:28

1 Obtain design approval

the agency involved is the Building Design Department, which is part of the municipality. BuildCo will submit the building plans and will receive a form to be filled out by the owners of the neighboring plots. BuildCo must obtain the neighbors’ consent before obtaining the design approval. 

Agency: Municipality (Sub city Building Permit process)

60 days

ETB 10,000

2 Obtain consent from neighbors and submit it to municipality 

The Company must get a written statement from the neighbors, stating that there are no land disputes on the plot where the warehouse will be built. 

Agency: Municipality (Sub city)

3 days

No charge

3 Obtain bank statements 

BuildCo must show proof of sufficient funds to build the warehouse. A commercial bank can provide this proof if the company has enough funds in its bank account or if the company is able to obtain a loan. 

Agency: Commercial Bank

1 day

No charge

4 Obtain approval of construction 

After the design is approved, the company must submit the bank statement described above and check the zoning Requirements to obtain approval for the construction. After this approval is granted, construction can begin. 

Agency: Municipality

30 days

ETB 600

5 Request and receive excavation inspection from municipality 

At the beginning of the construction, BuildCo must inform the municipality (by phone) about the initial stages of construction. The municipality checks whether the work has been performed according to plan. The wait period between requesting and receiving the inspection depends on the inspectors’ availability. Once the permit is obtained, inspections will occur occasionally without affecting the work. 

Agency: Municipality

1 day

No charge

6 Request and receive mid-construction inspection 

during construction, the municipality can randomly inspect the building. 

Agency: Municipality

1 day

No charge

7 Request water and sewage connection from WSSA 

Agency: Water Supply and Sewage Authority (WSSA)

1 day

No charge

8 Obtain water and sewage connection from WSSA 

Agency: Water Supply and Sewage Authority (WSSA  )

29 days

ETB 4,000*

9 Obtain telephone connections from ETC 

Agency: Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) 

30 days

ETB 2,000

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