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የካፒታል ዕቃ ኪራይ ንግድ ሥራ አዋጅ Capital Goods Leasing Business Proclamation No.103/1998

Published on: Wed, 2014-02-05 10:59

(You can get the amendement(ማሻሸያ) of this proclamation 807/2013 from " others " Tag) Here, lets see procl. 103/1998

WHEREAS, for those investors who have  the desire, knowledge and profession to participate in various invest­ ment activities but could not act due to lack of capital it is necessary to create an enabling environment for the establish­ ment of alternative sources of financing;
WHEREAS, it is believed that lessors of capital goods can fill the existing gap which is not addressed by the existing financial institutions;
WHEREAS, the existing laws concerning capital goods leasing business are found incomplete;
NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55( I) of the Constitution  of the Federal  Democratic  Republic  of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as

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