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(በግንባታ ወቅት መደረግ ስለሚገባቸዉ ጥንቃቄዎች የሚንስትሮች ምክር ቤት የሕንጻ ደንብ አንቀፅ ፪፱ ) Council of minister building regulation no.243-2011 Article 29

Published on: Tue, 2013-03-05 09:17

ARICLE 29. Precautionary Measures during Construction 

Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 31 of the Proclamation:

1/ a building owner shall, prior to construction of any new building:

a) Avoid disturbances to the safety and services of existing buildings and infrastructures;

b) Avoid conditions which may endanger the safety of adjoining properties and health of the community; and

c) Remove any obstacle which might hinder the traffic flow in the area.

2/ if a construction activity is to be carried out at nights, it shall be permitted by the building officer that such activities do not cause nuisance to the public and could be carried out safely and conveniently;

3/ for buildings carried out according to Article 31 sub article (2) of the Proclamation the building owner shall support precautionary measures by written document, designs and specifications and shall obtain approval from the building officer;

4/ the neighbor has the right to be notified of and to ensure by himself, if he has the technical knowledge, or by represented technical professional that the safety measures taken by the building owner are satisfactory to prevent danger to his properties and to follow up during construction in consultation with the owner;

5/ in order to prevent the occurrence of any danger during any construction work, the owner of the building shall take the following measures:

a) Cover the construction site with acceptable materials;

b) Protect utility lines in the ground from being damaged during excavation;

c) Ensure the wellbeing of the traffic flow around the site;

d) Prevent the exposure of inflammable construction materials to fire;

e) Provide safety wears for site employees and visitors;

 f) Take precautionary measures to avoid danger on the life of human being and property which may be caused by the misuse of chemical products for construction purpose; and

g) Employ appropriate mechanisms which protect any mote of dust, smoke, ray, and other similar elements from causing nuisance and pollution to the area.

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